Skip the hangover


A great night out doesn’t have to mean a pounding hangover the next day. Take the Cactus Pure Recovery pills before you have your first drink.


Cactus Pure Recovery contains cactus extract, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our formula has been clinically proven to minimize the most common hangover symptoms.


Here’s the research: A study conducted by the General Internal Medicine Section and Department of Medicine, Tulane Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, and referenced in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal of the American Medical Association found that an extract of the Opuntia Ficus Indica cactus plant has a positive effect on reducing hangover symptoms. More specifically, it diminished nausea and dehydration, two of the most common hangover symptoms.


Participants in the study were asked to rate their hangover symptoms on a scale of 0-­‐6 after ingesting both cactus extract and alcohol. Based on their feedback, the study concluded that their symptoms were reduced by an average of 2.7 points and their risk of experiencing a severe hangover was reduced by 50%.


Read the full research report for more detailed procedural information and clinical findings. This products has been registered as a health supplement in Denmark, where it is sold in pharmacies and drug stores.